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How much are paying for your Corporate 401(k) Plan?

Get a Complimentary Review

401(k) plans can have hidden fees and poor or limited investment options.
Our retirement plan consultants can see if there is an opportunity for cost savings and better service for your company. We can help you choose the best investments for your employees and offer continuing education for your employees.

DHJJ Financial Advisors offers complimentary reviews of your corporate 401(k) plans to identify issues and make sure you’re offering your employees the best plan. A complimentary review is simple, fill out the form and a DHJJ representative will contact you to get two documents we need for your review. After our review, we’ll deliver a report to you and discuss our findings.

  • 408(b)(2) fee disclosure
  • Current plan statement

Employers’ 401(k) Responsibility

Employers who sponsor 401(k) plans for their employees have a fiduciary responsibility to monitor, review and safeguard the plan for the benefit of the participants. Responsibilities include picking a prudent investment lineup, monitoring plan expenses and plan service providers, and complying with various administrative responsibilities outlined by governing laws and plan documents. These duties can be daunting for an employer, but with the help of a 401(k) plan consultant, you can gain confidence that your fiduciary responsibilities are met while providing your 401(k) participants with low-cost, exceptional services.

Let DHJJ do a complimentary review of your current plan to see if we can save your company money.

Under this partnership, a primary goal is lowering 401(k) plan expenses while maintaining high-quality services for the employer and the employees. Plan expenses are often tough for an employer to navigate due to the many ways a plan can be charged. Expenses can be charged to the employer directly in a variety of ways, such as deduction from plan assets and participant accounts, and discreetly embedded within the investments, effectively reducing investment returns. An evaluation of such fees will fulfill an employer’s fiduciary responsibility and it will likely return costs savings for both the employer and the employees.

Corporate 401(k) Plan Consultant: Our Process For Retirement Plan Servicing

Third Party Partnerships

Partnership With Vanguard, Or Other Third Party Administrators

DHJJ Financial Advisors partners with Vanguard, or other Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to provide employers with a 401(k)-servicing team that combines a small firm feel with the cost-savings leverage of a large institution. In this partnership, DHJJ Financial Advisors provides employee education and financial advisory services for the plan, while Vanguard utilizes its scale to provide low-cost plan administration services in the realm of plan compliance, asset custody, a participant, and employer help-desk, and an online platform for participants and the employer. Additionally, utilizing Vanguard’s reach, DHJJ Financial Advisors can assist the employer with selecting funds and building model portfolios from a list of nearly 13,000 investment options, many of which are the lowest cost options usually only available to large institutions.

“DHJJ Financial Advisors can assist the employer with selecting funds and building model portfolios from a list of nearly 13,000 investment options.”

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