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In General, The Financial Planning Process Can Address
Any Or All Of The Following Areas:

When it comes to your finances, it is beneficial to have a plan. DHJJ Financial Advisors provide comprehensive financial planning with a variety of areas above to create your individualized plan. Please contact DHJJ Financial Advisors for help in beginning this financial planning process.

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*Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement and specific requests and needs of the client.  DHJJ Financial Advisors does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. DHJJ Financial Advisors does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products. As described on DHJJ Financial Advisors’ written disclosure Brochure, if the client desires, a DHJJ Financial Advisors representative, in his separate individual licensed capacity, can be engaged to be provide insurance sales/services, and/or DHJJ Financial Advisors’ affiliated accounting firm can be engaged to provide tax preparation and accounting-related services, per the terms and conditions of a separate engagement and fee. Advisory services provided by DHJJ Financial Advisors, an SEC registered investment adviser. Accounting services can be provided by Advisors’ affiliated entity, DHJJ Certified Public Accountants, per the terms and conditions of a separate written engagement agreement, however, no DHJJ Financial Advisors’ client is under any obligation to engage DHJJ Certified Public Accounts, and vice-versa. As more fully discussed in Advisors’ written Disclosure Brochure, a recommendation that a DHJJ Financial Advisors’ client engage DHJJ Certified Public Accountants and vice-versa, presents a conflict of interest.

Please also review our Important Disclosure Information.