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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Impact on Individuals

The new tax law is now in effect for 2018. How does the new law impact individuals? Terry Cicero gives an overview in an easy-to-digest webinar in under 30 minutes.

Presenter: Terry Cicero


  • On 12/20/17, both the House and Senate passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”).
  • The bill was sent to President Trump who signed it into law on 12/22/2017.
  • The largest major tax reform in 30+ years.
  • Most provisions come into law for 2018
  • Most individual provisions expire 12/31/2025
  • Withholding tables updated for new rates

DHJJ's Terry Cicero leads the webinar and goes over the major changes for individuals, such as the new tax rates, standard deduction, exemptions, child tax credit, itemized deductions, and other changes. The webinar ends with several examples on how the new tax law can impact your own unique situation.

Tax Cuts And Jobs Act: Impact On Businesses

The new tax law is now in effect for 2018. How does the new law impact businesses and their owners? This quick, 30-minute webinar will give you an overview on what to expect.

Presenter: Scott Singer, a CPA® with our affiliate DHJJ Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors