Divorce Accountant & Financial Planning

Your new path doesn’t have to be one of uncertainty. Divorce isn’t just difficult on an emotional level. More often than not, it also brings financial questions along with complex challenges regarding how to divide and manage assets and liabilities. Even the most amicable divorce requires diligent financial research and documentation, and the households are then faced with the task of establishing a workable financial plan for their new future.

DHJJ Financial Advisors offers divorcing parties and their legal teams the knowledgeable support they need to separate financial assets and liabilities. We work with individuals, couples, and attorneys to provide a clear tax and financial picture of proposed marital settlements. We also assist individuals and attorneys in post-decree cases in calculating income pursuant to previously signed agreements.

Cammy Corso has the expertise to assist divorcing parties in the division of their assets and liabilities. In addition to possessing her CPA license, Cammy is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and a Certified Mediator. Cammy’s unique expertise in this area will help discover and document all income streams and assets to get a clear picture of net worth as well as potential earnings. DHJJ Financial Advisors along with our affiliate, DHJJ Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors, has many years of experience serving as an expert witness in divorce cases, presenting well researched and credible testimony to the court.

When you are involved in a divorce, you need the most knowledgeable assistance to ensure your financial future. That’s why so many families count on DHJJ Financial Advisors for divorce services that include:

• Divorce financial planning

• Expert witness testimony

• Mediation

• Discovery and documentation of income, assets and liabilities

• Tax analysis

When it comes to divorce, it is beneficial to have a plan. If you are facing a divorce, contact DHJJ Financial Advisors at 630.420.1360 and discover your best path forward.


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