Video Overview on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for Individuals

Webinar recording on The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and its Impact on Individuals (February 28, 2018)

The new tax law is now in effect for 2018. How does the new law impact individuals? Terry Cicero gives an overview in an easy-to-digest webinar.

DHJJ’s Terry Cicero leads the webinar and goes over the major changes for individuals, such as the new tax rates, standard deduction, exemptions, child tax credit, itemized deductions, and other changes. The webinar ends with several examples on how the new tax law can impact your own unique situation.

0:40 – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Introduction

2:05 – Tax Rates & Brackets (Prior Law and New Law)

4:08 – Prior Law and New Law Comparison

5:52 – Capital Gains and Qualified Dividends Rates

6:46 – Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

8:16 – Standard Deduction & Exemptions

11:36 – Child Tax Credit & Family Tax Credit

13:36 – Itemized Deductions – State and Local Tax (SALT)

14:51 – Mortgage Interest

16:39 – Charity

17:30 – Other

19:31 – Why did people prepay property tax in 2017?

21:26 – Deduction Planning

23:25 – Other Changes & Provisions

24:33 – Tax Rates & Brackets for Trusts & Estates

24:46 – Estate and Gift Tax

25:27 – Individual Examples & Cases

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How DHJJ Can Help

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