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Whether it is phishing, ransomware or other types of attacks, cybercrimes continue with more sophistication than in past years. Our advisors understand your worries about cybercrime and want to ensure you that we keep up with the latest recommendations on cybersecurity. If you find out there has been a breach with any of your information, please call your DHJJ Financial Advisor at 630-420-1360 so we can collaborate on protecting your data and taking any extra precautions.

Below you will find information on Cybersecurity–from protecting yourself to what to do in case of a breach.

Cybersecurity Information:

Protecting Your Identity, Data, and Assets (.pdf)

Learn about stats related to cybercrimes and how to respond to a breach in the days, weeks, and months after it occurs.

Cybersecurity Checklist (.pdf)

Learn the best ways to prevent cybercrime and hopefully prevent a breach.

Cloud Storage and Security (.pdf)

Where to store our documents in the cloud and keep them secure.

Be Strategic with Usernames and Passwords (.pdf)

Learn what steps we need to take to keep all our accounts safe.

Keep Equipment Up To Date (.pdf)

Our equipment can cause a cybersecurity problem if it is not kept up to date.

Surf Safely (.pdf)

Staying safe on the internet is a key part of our personal cybersecurity.

Safeguard Email (.pdf)

Keeping our information safe while using email is essential to protecting our information.

Protect Your Money (.pdf)

Tips for keeping an eye on our money: where we spend it and where we keep it.

Stay Safe Online (.pdf)

Limit what we share online to keep our personal data safe.

What is Phishing: How to Avoid Getting Hooked (.pdf)

Phishing scams are getting more sophisticated… follow these tips to stay safe.