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Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

Pursuing the guidance of a financial advisor can help for various life circumstances. They prove vital when preparing for long-term retirement planning, annual and multi-year income tax planning, reviewing personal budgeting, or crafting a charitable giving strategy. However, finding the right advisor for you may be challenging. How do you know if you are working…

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5 Ways Gen X Can Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Caught between two iconic generations, Baby Boomers and Millennials, the older side of Generation X quietly slips toward retirement age.  Most, however, are not on track to meet their retirement goals. In fact, nearly 9 in 10 Gen Xers are falling short. Perhaps relying on pensions, the promises of social security, or a near-future raise,…

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A Message to Our Clients

DHJJ Financial Advisors will be working remotely (temporarily) Alongside the DHJJ CPA Firm, the physical offices of DHJJ Financial Advisors continue to be closed with a current plan to re-open the offices based on guidance from the state. You can expect that this will have no impact on you as our business continuity plan enables all…

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What We Do

DHJJ Financial Advisors’ approach to financial planning is based on providing a full-service program that integrates individual income tax planning along with investment management, resulting in a holistic strategy to help our clients maximize their financial success. Our investment advisers are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals and Certified Public Accountants which enable them to overlap their expertise in asset management, financial planning, and income tax law to provide unique solutions to our clients’ needs.

Asset Management

Custom investment portfolios based on your goals and objectives

Financial Planning

Comprehensive evaluation and analysis to assess current financial situation and plan for the future.

*Please Note: Advisory services provided by DHJJ Financial Advisors (“Advisors”), an SEC registered investment adviser. Accounting services can be provided by Advisors’ affiliated entity, DHJJ Certified Public Accountants (“CPA”), per the terms and conditions of a separate written engagement agreement. No Advisors’ client is under any obligation to engage CPA, and vice-versa. As more fully discussed in Advisors’ written disclosure Brochure, a recommendation that an Advisors’ client engage CPA, and vice-versa, presents a conflict of interest.