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Holistic strategies to maximize your financial success

DHJJ Financial Advisors’ approach to financial planning is based on providing a full-service program that integrates individual income tax planning along with investment management, resulting in a holistic strategy to help our clients maximize their financial success. Our investment advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals and Certified Public Accountants which enable them to overlap their expertise in asset management, financial planning, and income tax law to provide unique solutions to our clients’ needs.

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Our expert financial advisors in action

Choosing the right accounting firm isn’t easy, but it makes a big difference to your financial future. You know you need the most up-to-date knowledge and the best skills available to help you make wise decisions that help you reach your goals. But you want to work with people who see you as an individual – not just another set of numbers.

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Fixed Income Update – 2023

Kathy Jones, the Chief Fixed Income Strategist at Charles Schwab, was the guest speaker at our June 20th…

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*Please Note: Advisory services are provided by DHJJ Financial Advisors (“Advisors”), an SEC registered investment adviser. Accounting services can be provided by Advisors’ affiliated entity, DHJJ Certified Public Accountants (“CPA”), per the terms and conditions of a separate written engagement agreement. No Advisors’ client is under any obligation to engage CPA, and vice-versa. As more fully discussed in Advisors’ written disclosure Brochure, a recommendation that an Advisors’ client engage CPA, and vice-versa, presents a conflict of interest.


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